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We provide you with great apparel that befit you and your lifestyle. Our products are made from the highest quality fabrics and guaranteed to give you functionality, durability and comfort. Our skilled master tailors handle all of our cutting and sewing, ensuring precision in all production processes and paying attention to the details. Come to us and choose what's best for your lifestyle.
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Since our beginning in 1979 our goal has always been to clothing that looks great, fits perfectly, made from the world’s best fabric mills and is good value for money. City Jeans’ success is built on understanding the principles of classic tailoring, combining them with modern designs and technology.

With the rise of denim wears in Nepal. We began giving alteration services to those who did not have perfect fit for their jeans. Since we were the pioneers in denim alteration, the business took off and soon people wanted fitted jeans for themselves as those they got in the market was not made exactly for them.

The rise of rock n’ roll and blue jeans was became the statement of people at the time. So, we began bringing in denim materials and started making customized denim wears in the late 80’s. By late 90’s we were making all kinds of denim wears for all ages.

With time our company grew and by the time we reached the millennium, we were making a lot of jeans for different companies and people in Nepal as well as abroad. This was the time we were able to establish a strong hold in the denim market of Nepal by being the top provider for the services.

Today, City Jeans provides unparalleled service which is the best that one can find in Nepal. With decades of experience and employing highly experienced tailors and craftsmen, we are able to keep up with the demands of the ever changing market and are still striving for making even better garments and deliver a higher quality.

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